Recent Kahoidong Concerts & Events

Kahoidong Concerts are part of a program of free cultural events that take place in David Kilburn's hanok in Kahoi-dong, Seoul. If you would like news of forthcoming events click here. This program of events began in 2004. Bookmark and Share

June 29th 2013 Dance Event (details to be announced)
June 22-23 2013 Dance Event (details to be announced)
June 8th 2013 "Leaving a Trace" Sculpture by Clara Euam (Exhibition runs 8th-14th, with special reception on 8th).
Leaving a Trace
May 11th 2013 NOKHA Series 2 Performance (click picture to see photo album)
NOKHA 2013 Entrance
April 27 2013 Dancers, Hanoks, People in the street (click picture to see photo album) - A pop-up celebration for Spring: Dance by Poe-Geun Kim with SoYoung Park 박소영, Ryungeun Kwon 권령은, and Yonghoon Lee 이용훈; Sarangi by Cybele Cybele; Headware by Clara Daeun Euam
November 2-9 2012 "Endangered Species" Exhibition
October 13th 2012. Yoon Eun Ja plays her Geomungo after tea at Kahoidong
September 28 2012 The Eye of the Dragon
April 21st 2012
April 14th 2012
WAGWAK perform at kahoidong for Loose Union, a new independent record label in Seoul. Loose Union will release a video made with Aweh TV in late Spring 2012..
October 4th 2011
RUFXXX at Kahoiding

August 22nd 2010, sponsored by Aura Korea

featuring Woo Hye-Rim (Piri / Recorder), Youn Sea- Rim (Ajaeng / Zither), Lee You-Jung (Janggu / Drum), Im Ju-Young (Haegum / Two string fiddle)

 June 5th 2010, sponsored by Aura Korea

   featuring Kim Na-Re (Haegum or Two-string fiddle), Kim Na-Young (Janggo or Drum), and Lee Dong-Myung (Daegum or Bamboo Flute)

2010년 4월 24일
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