The Heart of a Hanok
"Encountering wild animals through the viewfinder" Choi, Ki Soon will talk about Korean wild leopards which became endangered because of their beauty, followed by a performance by Anne Cybele who will sing and play the Sarangi, an Indian musical instrument.

Leopards and Tigers once roamed freely across the Korean peninsula. Today, they survive in limited numbers only in sanctuaries in Siberia and a few other locations as Endangered Species. Mankind admires, respects them yet has also driven these noble beasts towards the point of extinction.

So too with the hanok. Once the traditional home for all Koreans, hanoks are now rapidly disappearing from Korea as people migrate to apartment blocks and urban development relentlessly demolishes them. Hanoks, which were once a central part of Korean culture are now as endangered as the great cats.

Endangered Species is an Exhibition that celebrates the outstanding photography of Korea's leading wildlife photographer, Choi Ki Soon, in one of Gahoe-dong's last remaining original hanoks, the home of David & Jade Kilburn. The Kilburn's bought the hanok in 1988 and have lovingly restored it.

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