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David Kilburn on Preserving Seoul's Traditional Hanok

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"My guest this week is David Kilburn, a freelance journalist and the founder of the Tea Museum, a company that creates teas and herbal blends in Korea and Japan. David was born and raised in the United Kingdom, where he was active in a number of arts and preservation-related organizations. He’s brought that passion to Korea, his home now of over 20 years, where he has worked to preserve the traditional Korean residences called hanok, from falling under the wrecking ball of a rapidly modernizing city. During our conversation, I talk with David Kilburn about his love of the hanok; his efforts to preserve what’s left of them in Seoul, and why he thinks many Koreans are losing contact with their traditional culture." ~ Matt Kelley, KBS World Radio, Seoul. [October 1st, 2010]  
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