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The Royal Visit

HRH The Duke of Gloucester visits Kahoidong, July 27th 2013

NOKHA 2013

Photographs from the preparation, rehearsal, and first performance of NOKHA in 2013, at Kahoidong, on May 11 2013. With Jee Soo Shin (Composer), Sooah Lee (Violin), Sin Gyu Hwang (Flute), Chris Yang (Toy Pianos), and Sohyun Lee (Geomungo).

Dancers, Hanoks, People in the Streets

A pop-up celebration for Spring: Dance by Poe-Geun Kim with SoYoung Park 박소영, Ryungeun Kwon 권령은, and Yonghoon Lee 이용훈; Sarangi by Cybele Cybele; Headware by Clara Daeun Euam

Bukchon Views (1)

Photographs of Bukchon taken from Anguk. Bukchon is often described as a "hanok village" yet arial views show it is more a small collection of increasingly isolated hanok islands that are being steadily encroached by new buildings in a miscellany of modern idioms. In 1983, most buildings in Bukchon were hanoks. Today (September2010), the hanoks are only a small and declining minority of the buildings. Photographs © David Kilburn.

David & Jade Kilburn

Photographs of David and Jade Kilburn at Kahoi-dong 31-79, taken by 안형준 (An Hyeong-Jun), ©, August 2010

Los Angeles Times

Photographs of David Kilburn commissioned by the Los Angeles Times, taken by Matthew Douma ©, September 2010.

New York Times

Photographs of David and Jade Kilburn taken by Jean Chung © ( for the New York Times, November 4th 2010

Hanok Views 1

The Courtyard of Kahoidong 31-79 at 8:00 am on September 30th 2010

Kahoidong Festival

Slideshow of pictures from the 2006 Kahoidong Festival at Kahoi-dong 31-79

Liquid Hanoks

Equipment is installed to pump more ready-mixed concrete into Kahoi-dong 31-119 on October 8th 2010. The pump and concrete supply are located in the "Hanwha Village" (formerly Kahoi-dong 1 district) with piping running through the streets to Kahoi-dong 31-119. Once upon a time, hanoks were built mainly of wood but today, Seoul's new "hanoks" come ready to be pumped out of concrete containers.

The Ghost Town

At night, Kahoi-dong 31 becomes a ghost town. The only lighting comes from the stars and the street lights. The "homes" are empty. Where once there was a community of people there are now just empty buildings. These pictures were taken between 11pm and midnight on October 8th 2010.

Gahoe-dong's S1 Preservation Area on 3-6 February 2007
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