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Kahoi-Dong 31-92 Kahoi-Dong 31-92 Kahoi-Dong 31-92

Kahoi-Dong 31-92 in 2001

from the 2001 Bukchon Plan

Kahoi-Dong 31-92 in Jan 2007

The authors of the Bukchon Plan envisaged the creation of islands where people could sit and relax and enjoy the view. Trees and plants would enhance the environment, creating a relaxed and inviting ambience.

One site for these enhancements was Kahoi-Dong 31-92. The three pictures above show how the area looked in 2001, an artist's impression from the Bukchon Plan, and the same site in January 2007.

The main change after over five years of carrying out the plan is that a better quality of car - a Mercedes - is now parked on the site [Unchanged in 2010].

In this, as in so many other aspects of the Bukchon Plan, nothing has been done to fulfill the Plan's objectives, yet the budgets have been spent. Just where did the money really go? In this example, as in others, the plan has delivered none of the promised benefit to society.

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