Undermining the foundations of Kahoi-dong 31-79 (가회동 31-79)

October 28th 2004

한국어 번역 - 클릭

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On October 28th 2004, our peace was rudely shattered by the sound of an explosion as our entire house lurched Eastwards.

Contractors building the two storey, reinforced concrete building (classified as a hanok) next door, at Kahoi-Dong 31-96 had excavated a deep pit that had undermined the foundations of our house which partially subsided as a result. The contractors thought the result of theie work was a great achievement and suggested that foreigners should clear out and stop trying to interfere in their work.

We telephoned the Chongro-gu district office who sent a representative to inspect the situuation. He informed us that all this work had been specifically authorised by them, was entirely legal, and that if we were unhappy we could submit a complaint in writing. He refused to stop this work and said that if we tried to interfere in any way, the police would be called to restrain us.

The resulting cracks in our walls are there to this day. Note: 31-96 is set back from the road, and lies behind our own hanok at 31-79. The Green shielding you can see in the picture lies against the North wall of our house.

David Kilburn

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